My first interview ever was terrifying

It was on a show called Enough Rope hosted by one of Australia's leading interviewers, Andrew Denton. His producer spent much time with me by phone preparing me. My publisher, Black Inc, had done the same. 

Still, I was terrified. Like you're about to get pushed out of a plane terrified. Andrew Denton was lovely to me, but it was still really scary. It was my first media interview ever, and it was on TV, which was still a thing in 2007.  I knew what I was doing was right, and that Australian media had long been suspicious of Hillsong, but I still wonder how people get used to the whole being on TV thing. It's not like a youtube video you can edit, and there's a lot of lights.  So if you think I look nervous, you don't know the half of it. :)

It did seem to start the conversation online, and the comments on the ABC site went on for 3 weeks, heavily for, against and everything in between. So that was a good thing. And in the end, there was nothing really to be scared of. You have to speak your truth. The truer it is, the more people will receive it, and the more other people will hate it. And that's been one of the most valuable lessons of this whole mission. People are going to love, love, love you and hate, hate, hate you, usually not for very long. So you have to just stick to your truth. 

The quality isn't great, but look how young I am there.