People In Glass Houses was released in 2007 by Black Inc Books. It was the first book to take an in-depth look at the phenomenon that is the Hillsong Pentecostal Church from an insider’s point of view. Tanya grew up in the Hills Christian Life Centre which evolved into the Hillsong which has branches in London, Paris, Kiev, Capetown and New York. Hillsong music is one of the most powerful Christian gospel movements in the world.
PIGH provides Tanya’s own very personal story, then looks at the similarities between pentecostal megachurches and mind control groups, or cults. The book then takes a look at other issues such as gender, finance, sexuality, and the relationships between evangelists such as these around the world.
The book was shortlisted for an Australian Walkley Award in non-fiction in 2007
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Andrew Denton of ABC TV's  "Enough Rope" interviewed Tanya on his show. The interview can be watched here and the transcript is here. The ABC forum discussion continued for 3 weeks after the show ran, highlighting the strong interest and passions audiences have for this topic.


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An Insider’s Account of Love Behind Bars

“It’s so sad,” she told me, “because you could have been something. You could have gotten to the top. You’re smart enough. But now you’re going to end up as just another dirty, scummy, rotten crimwife.”

How far would you go for love? Some women commit crimes to help their lovers, while others spend years on the run. Tanya Levin gave up her career as a prison social worker to pursue romance with an inmate. From her first day over on the visitors’ side of the fence, she became a crimwife. Some women make the leap in the chaos of their loved one’s arrest; others, like Levin, choose a relationship knowing the stakes. Crimwife is a glimpse inside a secret and brutal world, where convicted men live by unwritten codes and expect their women to do the same.

In her five years as a crimwife, Levin met women of all ages and backgrounds who lived behind invisible bars, stuck in the house awaiting daily six-minute phone calls. She became curious about their different paths. How did they fall for a bad boy? How did they cope with their partner locked up? What made them stay – or finally walk away? In Crimwife, she tells their stories, and her own, with the honesty, black humour and insight that can only come from experience.

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The ABC shop has it . Kindle has it. Kobo too. Even Apple made it an iTune.