Touch Not the Lord's Annointed Music


That's the headline to this article which outlines the concerns Hillsong music has that 

"Despite the demographic of our audience being predominantly Christian, sadly we are not immune to the challenges posed by music piracy"  This was written in a submission to an inquiry on the government's draft copyright laws. 

There are so many Reasons Why This Is Funny that I'm having trouble starting but here goes:

1. Hillsong already makes a truckload out of their music. It's the music that helps with the giving, the music that forms so many good feelings and gets people addicted. It's central to the show and the whole community. The songs are part of the faith, the soundtrack to it...are they not doing well enough already?

2. Is it really a surprise that Hillsong fans are pirating their music, despite it being their version of Christian? This is a church of no theology, where everything is OK and God only does nice and good things. There's no great drama about sin or repentance or hell, so there's not really a whole lot of right and wrong. And they expect their followers to be morally stringent? Cute. 

3. Despite Hillsong claiming to be a Christian religion, nothing is free. Does it cost money to make their music? Sure, but not as much as most production companies. But crazy thought here: what if they gave stuff away? and not just the stuff that was easy to give away like other people's time and money? Imagine if they just gave a whole lot away, or gave to anyone who asked? It would be, at the very least, some damn fine press. 

4. A not so funny Reason why this is absurd is that I am not aware of what else Hillsong feels strongly enough to lobby government for. I haven't seen them demanding government responds to their Christian outrage about the threats to Aboriginal communities, or violence in families, or substance problems, or homelessness or the suicide epidemic in Australia. Very obvious issues to address using Jesus's commands, yet they stay silent. 

But don't steal their music. Don't touch their profits. Because where your treasure lies, there your heart lies also.