Here we go again... YAY

A few months ago, it was decided there was no time like a Warner Bros produced Hillsong movie to re-release People In Glass Houses. The original idea was to have it ready for the Easter premiere and that would be great timing.

And so I set about writing an update chapter to try to encapsulate the last 8 years since the book first came out in around 4000 words. This proved very difficult. So much has happened in these few short years all around the world.

There are more Hillsong outlets, more offshoot churches, Hillsong-run community services and school programs and youth programs and more Hillsong music than ever before. And of course, more scandals, as the inherently dangerous system spits out more victims of the never-ending promises that don’t quite make it.

So many issues, and so many individuals could be written about for this re-release, but for the sake of time and brevity, one chapter had to do. For now.

And so on 22 April 2015, People In Glass Houses (an Insider’s story of a life in and out of Hillsong) will be in stores near you. And if it’s not, insist that it is. Or buy one online for almost nothing.

This is pretty much all I know right now.  Except that Warner Bros quit and now there's a distributor called Relativity, which I like cos Hillsong is all about nepotism and mediocrity.

8 years is a long time, especially in book years. Especially in e-book years. This project is going to be really interesting.