America Loves Hillsong, but why?



Now that that awful Royal Commission thing is over, and there's to be no redress for Case Study 18/Hillsong/ACC, Pastor Brian can get back to the core business of Hillsong - world domination

And aren't things going swimmingly? 

First Hillsong New York Pastor Carl Lentz had a wonderful interview on HuffPost Live with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin where for 20 minutes in his low key beanie, Carl won the hearts of liberals with his friendly and smooth acceptance. His reputation has not been harmed by Justin Bieber's attendance and loyalty. 

Last month the recording of the DVD sold out Madison Square Garden and filming of the WB movie due out next Easter took place in LA. 

It seems Americans are loving Hillsong. 

CBS morning news did a report on Carl Lentz and it was glowing. At the end, the reporter says that she came away feeling great. 

We learn that openly gay couples are welcome but that Hillsong is not in favour of gay marriage, and that women can hold any role. We see Brian panting with delight watching Carl deliver his new marketing angle : we're not against stuff, we're for the Bible. 

It's clever and effective. In a nation exhausted by evangelicals going to extreme lengths to prevent abortion, same-sex marriage, and all other kinds of bodily morality, it must be a relief for those seeking god to hear they don't have to adhere to those standards to attend a Christian church.