Elle finally gets married to a billionaire


Well, this is all very exciting isn't it?  

After years of waiting, Elle finally became a CARB, a Cuthroat Australian in a Relationship with a Billionaire. If you really want to make it, it's about marrying a billionaire.

Australians are particularly good at this, per head of population, but Elle deserves one most of all. She gave that Arkie not one, but two, billionaire heirs, and did he marry her?   Nup. The only man in the world who wouldn't marry Elle McPherson.  But marrying Uma Thurman is OK? You can read some of this mess here.

One wonders what the women's mag  editors must think when Holly Valance can claim one, Portia de Rossi got the good one, but the Body got nothing. Their advice got us no where. Now, however we can relax.

Last weekend, Elle from Cronulla, (we haven't seen much of Mimi for heaps, have we?) married a 'real estate developer' in Fiji. Not very billioinaireish if you ask me, doesn't he has 'real estate' in the Maldives? 

Good on ya, Elle. This is Australian of the Year worthy stuff. It's the female equivalent of bringing home the Ashes and you, Ma'am, deserve a ticket-tape parade.