Does anyone have Guy Sebastian's number?


There's trouble in Paradise. I know, but I couldn't resist. Guy Sebastian has announced that he can no longer tolerate the 'dogmatic' teachings of his old Pentecostal alma mater, Paradise Community Church

Now, this is major for Guy. He was Dolly the Sheep for the Assemblies of God Church. After all those years and millions that had gone into their music production, finally one of the Hillsong type clones had made it onto the main scene in music. On TV, where all good Christians belong.

Paradise Church is run by Ashley Evans, son of Andrew Evans, former Family First MP in South Australia. Ashley inherited the church having served his time as youth pastor, and from all accounts joined himself to Guy's hip following his Australian Idol success.

I wondered what they did with Guy backstage at church, how much they had groomed him, encouraged him, or did they place the burden of the world's salvation on his shoulders? The pressure to bring attention to Paradise, South Australia as well as to Jesus must have been incredible.

But Guy Sebastian turned out to be talented, likable and not shy of the constant criticism of his faith. His success grew larger than the church's support, and he no longer needs Ashley Evans's prayers or the congregation's hopes to see him through.

It must be a huge move for him to announce this publicly while looking back on the people who trained him up in the way he should go. I really need to have a chat with him.