Do you see what I see?


A concerned citizen sent me this last week. She's a Christian who commutes past Norwest Business Park where Hillsong's women's conference Colour Your World was held over the last couple of weeks. 

I'm not prepared to link to the Stepford Wife training conference but lots of things were said about being great and doing great and people who look great. Of course, it's targeted to everyone. 

But who is it really for? Take a closer look at the sign. Maybe you only see two Aryan-to-the-point-of-anemic breathless twins making some kind of Picnic at Hanging Rock glazed face. 

And maybe that Roswell image is a product of the lighting or the way their long hairs fell. 

Maybe the shape-shifting alien/demon/looking thing is a product of the phenomenon of pareidolia, you know where Jesus appears on your toast. You think it looks like something ooky spooky, cos that's how the mind works.

But you know it makes the existence  all those Hillsong Illuminati videos slightly more fun.