The Birth of Crimwife

"I'm only through the first chapter, very touched by Tanya's candour and profound insight. She's holding nothing back. I'm going to love love love this book."                   -Shelly Gale Robertson

On Monday the first of October, 2012, my second contribution to the Giant Library of the World, Crimwife was released onto the public. Its older sibling, my firstborn, People In Glass Houses is now 5 years old, and only recently arrived on Kindle.

The manuscript took over four years to complete, and without the brilliance that is the book obstetrics team at Black Inc Books, I might still be buried under a pile of random papers.  I had the finest literary midwives on earth.  You can buy it anywhere now. At the airport, in the bookshops, or on the interwebs. It's everywhere. Which makes the mother in me soooo proud.

The most exciting part about this book is that it's finished. Once when I was about 10, at a weekend fair, I went on one of those big slides where you climb the stairs and go down on a blankie. So I took my scratchy straw mat confidently up the first level of stairs and then looked down to my fear of heights booming at me. I was frozen and clung to the rail. There was no way I could go any further up, and no going back down without certain death. And there I stood.

Crimwife was like that for a long time. Sounded like a good idea at the time, but it was terrifying, exhilarating, and one hell of a ride more than I bargained for. I never ever thought it would be finished.

So the greatest message I send to you is don't worry, the time will come where you will grab your mat, make it up the rest of the climb and slide down your big plastic yellow slide one day too.

where books come from

where books come from