How do you know if you're a hypocrite?

Gee what a charmer what the Prison Officer told her is right, it is good to read this I remember her claims about Hillsong Church and at the time I believed them well now I don't. I believe Hillsong completely. - Ted

Saw this comment at the end of the Illawarra Mercury's interview about The Book.  The photo is so appalling, I wouldn't think much of her either but that's another thread.

I'm glad Ted brought it up, because someone was going to. Can you claim to have an expertise in one area, yet announce to the world you believed an armed robber when he said "I love you?"  This hesitation dragged the manuscript out for way longer than I wanted to. But am I a hypocrite or just a human?

While writing, I worried if one stance would invalidate the other, as Ted tells us it has. Or would they provide insight into the confusing complexity that is life as I, for one, know it to be? The inconsistency, unpredictability, and disappointments that accompany being human and having interactions with others of the species intrigues me. As Don Henley put it, 'The more I know, the less I understand, all the things I thought I figured out, I had to learn again.'  Amen, Eagle. There's gonna be a heartache tonight, I know.

Hillsong barely reacted to People In Glass Houses, saying that they couldn't control what other people wrote. The followers, though, are vocal about my evils. I expected this talk about love and jail and the department of Corrective services to get nasty. Prisons take themselves about as seriously as religions do.  There'll be more to follow.

So the question is: does admission of weakness in one area negate your strengths? And do we expect these same standards from ourselves, the people we know, or only for those who place themselves righteously above us all- the preachers and the politicians?