Father Bob n John Safran are Ubercool


When the Hillsong book came out, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on Sunday Night Safran and be interviewed by the dynamic duo.  That was 2007 and I have no links to this at present. Take my word for it though, it was tops.

With Crimwife, it's at a point now where I've told a lot about myself now, so I figure there's no interview too much more embarrassing than what I've committed to print so far.  So that's been good in the way that I'm not feeling like I'm jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet the way I did with the whole Enough Rope episode.

So I've been turning up to the ABC studio for interviews, not so nervous as I was.  And I'm a little bit calmer so I can listen closer it seems. Every host has individual viewpoints and questions on controversy.  But you only know them from the radio. It all changes when it's your life they're talking about after the 2pm news.

As a guest  in the studio, you have headphones on and you go from being an audience member to being a part of their show which is so different, suddenly. You listen to the show broadcast as if it is merely people at work, and you relate to them as colleagues on a project, even for those few minutes.

And that's where it struck me last week talking to these fine men, John and Bob. They really are good guys. I walked away from the interview all smiley faced that smart, incisive, compassionate, empathetic humans spent that time chatting with me. They could have talked about anything, stripped it right down, come from any angle. Listen to their queries. They warmed my heart :)

This is the link to the audio.  The Crimwife bit is from about 48:00 mark, but all their work, their shows, strategic, quirky and comedic is worth every minute of your time.  It's obvious why their show is still a big winner, if this is how they make their guests feel.